Craig Corti making Wallkill Valley Alumnae Proud


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Typically this site is used to describe the struggles of a middle aged runner or to share interesting running ideas but today its going to be used to boast as a proud alumnae of Craig Corti not only the greatest runner in Wallkill Valley Regional Highschool  (#WVXC) History but the greatest runner in #Sussex County History! As documented in this article by #NJHearld writer Mr. Anthony Spaulding

As an alumnus of Wallkill Valley and a former runner I know details of every great runner that has run on those grounds since the founding of the school with folks like Jim Lame, Mike Fancher, Mickey Onder, James Western, Mike Burghoffer, Alex Wright, Paul Cheddwigen, Mike Pachella, James Corti, Joe Cheddwign, Louis Bustamante, and many more. Craig set several marks this past weekend, the fastest time ever for a Sussex County runner at Homldel, the 8th 3x time group champion, a rare 3x sectional champion, the first sussex county male runner to compete in 4 straight meet of champions, also helped Wallkill qualify for a 4th straight time, becoming the first sussex county boys team to accomplish the feat.  For that I applaud Craig on his accomplishments and salute the entire boys team that includes people like Jay, Luke, Cameroon, Mack, and many more. All of us cheer you own!

Here is another good article on the team… from the school itself. I wish the team good luck #RUNBEST.


2015 Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and 5K Registration Lottery Coming!!!!


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With winter not even upon us and already snow flurries in the region it is hard to think about the spring and cherry blossoms but in about two weeks the lottery opens for one of the most popular runs not only in the District but the country. The historic run started in 1973 as a training run for elite local runners preparing for the Boston Marathon. The race has evolved into one the premier running events in the country and for many a bucket list race.

The combination of its history, its importance in the running community, and the shear beauty of the cherry blossom festival makes this a must do race. Even better yet beyond the sense of accomplishment and festive experience is the really awesome tee shirt.  Oh also there is this awesome other thing, the freaking medal!!!!! So sign up, keep training, and remember to #RUNBEST!!

One of the reasons for this blog….


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(Image Courtesy: Victoria Marathon)

One of the reasons behind creating this website was to re-discovery and aide my new found love for running after 10+ year hiatus. As where before it was about being competitive this time around its been about spirituality, finding myself after being lost, and just having an outlet.  In this process we defined several milestones to help keep me and my cohorts on track, Jersey Shore 1/2 Marathon and then 6 months later the Victoria Marathon in British Columbia. The training for both events was uneven, but I was motivated more by just learning my new home of DC, not feeling loneliness, or sadness, and getting outdoors. I achieved these goals while benefiting during my first half marathon to see someone that means a lot to me achieve a new personal best and another two good friends complete a new milestone.

The same was not the case with the full marathon. An activity I never had the desire to do growing up, I decided to do it at the urging of some great friends. No matter their assistance all I felt during the race and event was loneliness.  A great surge of emotion overcame me around mile 2, as i watched people cheer on the participants. I had to pause and gather myself saying its okay, its okay. I always knew the answer, never asking people to celebrate or cheer me on, feeling it would be selfish to ask and worse to hear no.  As I become older I always prepared to be alone, learning to cook, clean, sew, finding and excelling at solitary activities.  I took greatest pleasure in celebrating others unasked, I just liked seeing others happy and being there for them in lieu of myself.

I had come to  grips with myself being alone and was chugging along until the fall of 2010, when everything changed I met someone who wouldn’t let me be alone and who celebrated me. It was the most amazing experience and I will never know how to show my appreciation for that, but as suddenly as it happened it ended 3 years later. At that moment in the race I felt that loneliness magnified by this event and defiantly said I will not let you define me, I will not let you own my heart any longer.

This was one of the reasons for this blog… to keep me going in a quiet way without drawing attention but giving me a voice to express my emotions while learning how to run again. RUNBEST!!

Getting back on the blog wagon

So its been some time since the last entry and with the nice weather there hasn’t been motivation to write more posts. That all changes BLOGGING now! Over the next few days we will catch you up on events like the 1st brother/sister 5K, completion of marathon, and multiple half marathons! A series of exercises, race developments, club participation, and many other activities.

Be BLOGGING Excited.

Thigh chafe and other nuisances


This is just a gripe I wanted to express and sort of a newer discovery. While running in high school and college I never understood what people were complaining about when they said things were chafing. I just had no clue but oh-boy how I understand now.   These are running pains I never expected but as Gloria Gaynor says “I will survive!”  Sooo as I continue down this road of training I have become a big believer in Goldbond and BodyGlide and now I’m in line with Pimps looking to keep people in line and other types of more body focused performer.  Oh the pains of becoming large….

My Purpose of the Site: MOTIVATION

motivationOver the past few months myself with the help of Matt and to a lesser extent Heather I have been trying to regularly post information on this site. The purpose of the site was to continue to provide motivation to keep training, running even when work begins to crush down on my time. This purpose was disguised by providing information, tips, training advice to novice runners who were not fortunate to run organized cross-country or track or have access to knowledgeable running sages. I by no means am a running sage, I’m just a former runner tired of being slow. The site has been used to convey this information through aggregating helpful links, stories, photos, exercise, and motivation to help improve runners of all levels, basically creating universal truths for running.

The past month or two I have become inundated with lots of work and travel that has caused posts to become infrequent to nil and motivation waning. However to combat this, I am going to start talking about my journey and motivation to run my first marathon in October.

I completed my first half marathon in April with the help of Matt and motivation from Team RUNBest members Heather and Denise. It was not my fastest time for that distance, but my first time running it as a race, 13 years too late, I felt overcome with happiness at the end of the race unlike anything else, from seeing my split at the 10K mark, to Heather taking a photo of the group. It was a great experience. A little later my Oregon family came a calling saying we have two races… the first is Hood to Coast. I loved doing HTC and getting to know everyone but because of work and the chance to climb half-dome, I had to say no. The other race is the Victoria Marathon, the prospect of the race is not appealing but the prospect of seeing my Oregonian friends is very appealing. So now begins this new journey to run a marathon that I will periodically document here. Hopefully it will help tie together all the items Matt and I have been posting. Also maybe it can be humorous as well when I start talking about life as a fat runner after years as a skinny runner. Enjoy!

Getting Back in the Groove


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When work, school, or life gets in the way of your fitness goals you need to sit down and recommit. With some awesome travel opportunities I’ve had over the last couple of months and loss of a running buddy who went a cross country trip I’ve severely fallen behind on running. Looking to get back into the swing of things I found this great runner’s world article on getting Back on Track. As the article states, coming back from vacation “you may feel out of shape, but what’s gotten flabby is your attitude toward exercising”. Hopefully this helps you dear reader, as it did me, to RUNBEST!

DSC04980 DSC04966Getting Flabby in Kerala Backwaters


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As a luck would have it the follow on to National Running Day is National Donut Day, perfect! So if you ran on Wednesday, ran this morning, plan on running later today, or just like donuts go to Dunking Donuts or Krispy Kreme or several other chains to snag your self a sweet free treat to cap off all those difficult miles you ran this week. Who said you can’t have fun while you try to RUNBEST!

National Running Day JUNE 4th!!

RunnerMist(SOURCE: the San Francisco marathon)

This Wednesday is National Running Day a celebration of running coast-to-cast. Its a sort of reaffirmation for each runners love of running while beginners can kick off a lifetime love affair running. Founded in 2009 by America’s foremost running organizations to celebrate the sport with thousand of participants, it is held the first Wednesday of each June. As a member of both Oregon Track Club and United States Track & Field I am excited that they and event is designed to better connect the sport aspect of running to t community. You can participate by just going for a run on your own or joining an event near you such as running stores or running clubs. With group fun runs, in store events, giveaways, and games. So get out there and enjoy!  Also you can share your miles through charity so get out there and RUNBEST!