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(SOURCE: ESPN Sports Science)

As a young runner with a younger more resilient body, I didn’t pay attention as much to my nutrient intake, feeding my inner beast, as I should have. It was typical to eat a few Air Heads, a Hershey bar, a bottle of water, and gatorade as a pre race meal.  This worked pretty well, because of the distance, and what my body could do.

However, as I started running again in my 30s and being around other runners it became clear when to eat, what to eat, how much time, what will maximize my performance, my recovery are questions we all are asking but not always answered.

Recently Mizuno, provided a good set of NUTRITION GUIDELINES on their Twitter feed. Providing a 4 step approach to nutrition intake and consumption that runners can use as guidelines.

Hopefully this helps as you prepare for your spring racing season. So remember to not defeat oneself and RUNBEST!