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It’s official, this will be the first week I’m back to exercising in earnest. I’m hoping to keep it up. I’m currently working my way through the P90X program. The first time I got through the program was back in college. I saw results despite skipping some days and really not keeping up with the diet. Today will be my fourth day back on the program. I’m cutting sugars back to a level that seems almost drastic to me. 37g! How do people survive?! But then again the last five years my sustenance has been based entirely on pastries and cakes (a side benefit/curse of developing an interest in baking after college). Today will be a tough day for me, as it has been for every prior Thursday on P90X. Today I will be doing Yoga X. One and a half hours of uncomfortable and slightly offensive poses. As I usually do in times of uncertainty and stress, I turned to Google and found this helpful article. I wanted to share it with those of you experiencing the same level of agita in their hopes to RUNBEST!