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trial by fire(Courtesy: Internet)

I put this blog together to share my journey as I return to running, Heather’s goal to become more serious about the sport, and Matt’s goal to remain sexy. To keep me motivated and some encouragement, I signed up for a marathon and it was an experience.  So here is what I learned from my first marathon experience.

  • When you run your first marathon familiarity is crucial, I didn’t follow this
  • You should create a checklist of all items need, and review it with others
  • You should practice eating before the marathon, its not a 5K, you need energy
  • You should research races better including bathrooms and water
  • Your going to be out there for sometime, reduce reliance on the organizers
  • Carry water in addition to food sources
  • Its not like training for a 5K or even a half marathon, its serious
  • I was stubborn, I didn’t ask for advice or listen
  • Run for yourself and not to overcome emotions it won’t do it
  • Understand that this is an emotional experience and weird things happen
  • This will hurt, you have to manage the pain
  • Don’t start hot, do everything it takes to settle into your goal place immediately
  • But again reduce variabilities you aren’t use to sleeping, eating, etc.

Final thoughts, I want to dedicate this race to learning, my family, and my friends. In my initial post, I talked about feeling alone but when I got back to our house on the island, there were emails and texts wishing me well, or congratulating me (Heather, Sister, Mom, Dad, and Matt), as well as my other runners (Mark, Diem, Chris, Will, Nadia).  With all the emotions I described the texts for heather wish me well, congratulating me, and then saying other nice things, even if it was over 3000 miles away, and only digital but it meant so much to me. This is the person I had hoped to marry, the person I envisioned at all my big moments, to share highs and lows so her texts meant a lot. I also was so happy to get them from my family especially my sister, because of her this experience was possible and because of her support during my lows in Washington DC she stepped up to help me out. I finally felt loved and so happy for doing this and I wouldn’t really change anything of this experience, I felt loved!

Marathon(Courtesy: MarathonFoto)
Victoria(courtesy: Diem Nguyen)
victoria_eating(courtesy: Diem Nguyen)