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(Courtesy: Advertiser South)

Typically this site is used to describe the struggles of a middle aged runner or to share interesting running ideas but today its going to be used to boast as a proud alumnae of Craig Corti not only the greatest runner in Wallkill Valley Regional Highschool  (#WVXC) History but the greatest runner in #Sussex County History! As documented in this article by #NJHearld writer Mr. Anthony Spaulding

As an alumnus of Wallkill Valley and a former runner I know details of every great runner that has run on those grounds since the founding of the school with folks like Jim Lame, Mike Fancher, Mickey Onder, James Western, Mike Burghoffer, Alex Wright, Paul Cheddwigen, Mike Pachella, James Corti, Joe Cheddwign, Louis Bustamante, and many more. Craig set several marks this past weekend, the fastest time ever for a Sussex County runner at Homldel, the 8th 3x time group champion, a rare 3x sectional champion, the first sussex county male runner to compete in 4 straight meet of champions, also helped Wallkill qualify for a 4th straight time, becoming the first sussex county boys team to accomplish the feat.  For that I applaud Craig on his accomplishments and salute the entire boys team that includes people like Jay, Luke, Cameroon, Mack, and many more. All of us cheer you own!

Here is another good article on the team… from the school itself. I wish the team good luck #RUNBEST.