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cherryblossomrun(Courtesy: Doingthedistrict.com)

With winter not even upon us and already snow flurries in the region it is hard to think about the spring and cherry blossoms but in about two weeks the lottery opens for one of the most popular runs not only in the District but the country. The historic run started in 1973 as a training run for elite local runners preparing for the Boston Marathon. The race has evolved into one the premier running events in the country and for many a bucket list race.

The combination of its history, its importance in the running community, and the shear beauty of the cherry blossom festival makes this a must do race. Even better yet beyond the sense of accomplishment and festive experience is the really awesome tee shirt.  Oh also there is this awesome other thing, the freaking medal!!!!! So sign up, keep training, and remember to #RUNBEST!!