motivationOver the past few months myself with the help of Matt and to a lesser extent Heather I have been trying to regularly post information on this site. The purpose of the site was to continue to provide motivation to keep training, running even when work begins to crush down on my time. This purpose was disguised by providing information, tips, training advice to novice runners who were not fortunate to run organized cross-country or track or have access to knowledgeable running sages. I by no means am a running sage, I’m just a former runner tired of being slow. The site has been used to convey this information through aggregating helpful links, stories, photos, exercise, and motivation to help improve runners of all levels, basically creating universal truths for running.

The past month or two I have become inundated with lots of work and travel that has caused posts to become infrequent to nil and motivation waning. However to combat this, I am going to start talking about my journey and motivation to run my first marathon in October.

I completed my first half marathon in April with the help of Matt and motivation from Team RUNBest members Heather and Denise. It was not my fastest time for that distance, but my first time running it as a race, 13 years too late, I felt overcome with happiness at the end of the race unlike anything else, from seeing my split at the 10K mark, to Heather taking a photo of the group. It was a great experience. A little later my Oregon family came a calling saying we have two races… the first is Hood to Coast. I loved doing HTC and getting to know everyone but because of work and the chance to climb half-dome, I had to say no. The other race is the Victoria Marathon, the prospect of the race is not appealing but the prospect of seeing my Oregonian friends is very appealing. So now begins this new journey to run a marathon that I will periodically document here. Hopefully it will help tie together all the items Matt and I have been posting. Also maybe it can be humorous as well when I start talking about life as a fat runner after years as a skinny runner. Enjoy!