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jake(SOURCE: Mashable and cartoon network)

As the warmer months are upon us throughout the United States early evening racing becomes the norm rather then a curiosity. Some may ask wait there are runs outside of Saturday morning before Jenny and Joey’s soccer match… well yes. The time honored tradition of the local evening run. Normally put together by a running store, local club, a group of friends or some visionary that combines racing, with your evening run, with fun, and some goodies into an amalgamation greater then the sum of its parts like the A-Team.  One of the things that I always had difficulty with was what to eat before these runs without  feeling bogged down, how to eat in the limited time I would have, and how to feel energized to tackle these activities.

Recently The Running Times put together a good article on this for highschool runners prior to a track meet with multiple events. I believe many of these principles can be applied to these other “FUN” runs. So hopefully it helps you RUNBEST.