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 exhausted-runner(source: andyandsarahsmarathon.blogspot.com)

So you’ve completed your first half-marathon, now what? How do you recovery? What should you eat? What’s next? So these are the thoughts that members of runCoast2Coast have been contemplating.  So we scoured high and low, far and near (Googled) for answers verified by experts (identified easiest approach) to bring to you!  So there are several schools of thought to recovery some like the one described by Coach Jenny Hadfield takes a more elongated strategy, which is more appropriate for individuals who don’t generally run as far or often as others.  However, others consider the half marathon a prolonged long run and treat it as such, their approach is more aggressive to recovery as described here or presented by running writing legend, Hal Higdon.  But remember this aren’t strict prescriptions but instead these are guidelines that in combination with what your body is telling you should dictate how you recover. Keep in mind post run you can and should enjoy the post run glow and consume copious amounts of waffles! Remember RUNBEST!