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As the song title says its been sometime since we’ve posted anything interesting so we got a good one for you.  As the spring goes into full bloom and the #CherryBlossoms10 has finished we look for runs that are not always about setting a P.R., getting a medal, or accomplishing a goal but instead just having some fun. In that vein #RoadRunnerSports has a #funrun series on the 4th Thursday of each month called #AdventureRun. This is a fantastic running series for those luck enough to have a location close enough to them.

I was first introduced to the #AdventureRun while visiting friends in Oregon. The fun run helped them meet other equal level runners and become part of their local running community.  The event is a free 60 minute scavenger hunt with you finding locations as fast as you can that give you raffle tickets. These raffle tickets then enable you to have more chance to win awesome prizes like free shoes or gps watches.  The event concludes with free beer for those of age :)! So enjoy the AdventureRun and remember RUNBEST!