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teamaward (Source: Thien NGUYEN – Post H2C Award Ceremony!)

bus2(Source: Thien NGUYEN – Van 1 post round 1, oregon + nj)

This past August I was privileged and lucky enough through a series of circumstances to be invited to participated in Hood-to-Coast the original and oldest continuously running relay race in the world. This race is the closet approximation to running cross country in scholastic or collegiate levels.  Over 2 days and a 24 hour period of running I bonded with people I never met before and shared experiences/jokes that make me smile at this very moment, 7 months later. It provided motivation to keep running through the summer heat to experience the running culture of its home in the United States, Oregon. We were able to run from a Volcano in the Cascades all the way to the Ocean where Goonies found One Eyed Willy’s ship. You ran against people that were doing their first run for charity too professional teams sponsored by sneaker giants in an egalitarian affair. I recommend if you like running and want to see why you should love running, put in for the lottery and hope to be selected or sign up to support a charity. I wish everyone well as spring running season begins, RUNBEST!