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(Source: Spartan Races Inc, – Matt P. facing down an obstacle at the Tri-State Super Spartan)

“Never have I been in an event that felt so excruciatingly long and was over too soon. One event and I was hooked.” – Matt P.

This blog is about the people who want to achieve personal goals, helping the achieve these fitness goals, and sharing their stories when they achieve these goals. One such achievement was made by contributor Matt Parayil, when he completed a Super Spartan Race this past summer. Below in his words is his story

Matt- “I did the Super Spartan. It was 8+ miles. I finished in 2hr 59 min and 28 sec. Obstacles included more than 5 wall jumps ranging in height from 4ft-8ft, a spear toss, barbed wire crawl, swimming through a lake, climbing (ropes, mountain side and nets),  and carrying, dragging, and lifting cinderblocks and sand bags. Any obstacle you failed to complete required completing 30 burpees as a penalty. The event was the tri-state (NY/NJ/PA) super Spartan and took place September 8th at Mt Creek in Vernon, NJ. A ski resorts so it involved a significant number of climbs and changes in elevation.

There are four types of Spartan races. In increasing order of difficulty they are: the Spartan Sprint, Super Spartan, Spartan Beast, and the Spartan Ultra Beast. The ultra beast is 26+ miles with several obstacles throughout and one aide station at an undisclosed location. To compete all racers have to send in a resume stating their athletic history.  The website says “Every Spartan Race is a baptism. – The Ultra Beast is considered an exorcism”

Lets Congratulate Matt on achieving his goal and the months of prep work running miles, doing burpees, lifting to accomplish his goal, RUNBEST!