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People within the running community are familiar with the Northern Arizona University (NAU) LumberJacks but most outside of it are not. They are one of the top collegiate cross-country programs in the nation built on development and identifying individuals willing to work, like the people of this blog RUNBEST. They are located in picturesque Flagstaff Arizona at lung burning 7000ft elevation.

A few months back leading up to Cross Country Nationals, Flo-Track documented one of their workouts. I think this something worth looking at to better understand what you really are capable of doing and seeing what smart/hard work can accomplish. So please enjoy, RUNBEST.


4x400m (start rep on a 2:30 cycle. If you finish a rep in 1:05, you would have a 1:25 of rest)
10 min tempo at 5 min mile pace (around 2min before and after to change shoes)
10 min tempo